Saturday, 18 August 2012

If you did not feel guilt you could not attack another, as condemnation is the root of attack. To attack another is to perceive them as unworthy of love and deserving of punishment. But herein lies the dilemma of the human soul, for the soul that judges will perceive itself as separate from the soul that it attacks, furthering the very denial of the single source of love from which we all emanate. This is an insanity which you have allowed to obscure your understanding of the truth and the love of the universe. May I wish you a day of love and free from conflict my friend.
The memory of your own spirit will come to your quietened mind. It cannot join where there is conflict, as a mind at war with itself will not remember true eternal gentleness. The way of war is not the way of love, war is not possible unless the belief in victory is cherished. For conflict or war to exist within you, you must believe that your ego has the power to be victorious. Why else would you identify with it. Quieten your mind and focus only on that love within, for therein can exist nothing else. I wish you a day filled with love and eternal peace my friend.
Would you dare to imagine what life could be like with no cares, no worries, nothing to disturb you and merely exist in perfect calm all the time? This is exactly what time is intended for, to learn to achieve that peace, always, and nothing more. Your teacher, life, cannot achieve its teaching aim, be satisfied, until peace constitutes all your learning. Peace has not fulfilled its purpose in you
r life until you are consistently learning only of peace. You may wish to replace peace with love to comprehend this understanding. When you have understood this simple truth you will no longer need further learning or further time in which to learn and you will truly be existing in the moment. I wish you a moment without time, only peace, my friend.
Nothing can give meaning where there is no meaning. Truth needs no defence merely to make it true. An illusion can have no witness and therefore no effect. Forgiveness is your only function here and will serve to bring you the joy you have created your world as an illusion to deny for you. You may choose not to see the role that forgiveness plays in ending all beliefs that rise from the mists of your guilt. Yet that guilt is used as your own tool to symbolise the separation from love that perpetuates that guilt. Break that vicious circle and bring yourself back to the safe harbour that is love, where all things are love and all is real. May I wish you a guiltless weekend my friend.
There is no time nor place where love can be absent. In love, nothing can be feared, for there can be no gap in the wholeness of a true and complete love. Fear and therefore hatred can have no place where love is present as there can be no gap in the completeness of a true love. Those who choose to see fear are certain to understand not what love means. May your day be filled with love my friend.
We constantly blame the world, our life, the kids, the wife and a thousand other conditions and people for the way we are and what we perceive to be our failings in life. We justify this by saying that without cause there can be no effect. Yet without effect there is no cause. Without you as the parent, your son or daughter could not be, yet is it not your son who gives you parenthood. Look at your lives through different eyes and from a different perspective and see just how different you can make it. Chicken and egg, or cause and effect, either way it is the perfect circle, do you have the courage to look at things differently?
To truly forgive is merely to remember only the loving thoughts you gave to others, and in return, those afforded to you. Everything else is forgotten. May your day be filled with forgiveness my friend!
The love in you inhabits not a body and yet it is within you and so it must follow that You are not within a body. What is within you cannot be outside and it must also follow that you cannot be apart from that which is at the very centre of your being. What gives you life cannot be housed in death. Seek only love and therein you will find your peace. Have a peaceful day my friend.