Monday, 19 November 2012

May I suggest that you forget the purpose of the world as the past has created it. Otherwise the future will be just like the past. Nothing but a series of depressing dreams in which all idols fail you, one by one. Where disappointment is everywhere. To change this and open up a road to hope and to release you from what had appeared to be an endless circle of despair requires just that you decide that you do not know the purpose of the world. That you have given it goals it did not have and so you try and decide what the purpose of the world has to be. You have chosen your dreams, for they are largely what you would wish for. Your idols do, largely, what you would wish from them. You have the power to ascribe to them, then pursue them vainly in your dream because you want their power as your own. Yet what are dreams but a mind asleep. Can an illusion succeed in making real the world it projects outside itself? Your path to peace can only be that of surrender to the pathway you chose for yourself on the day of your birth. May I wish you a week of tranquil surrender my friend. Your life is truly special!
As you project, so you shall perceive. The world you see is what you gave to it, nothing more than that. But though it is no more than that, it is not less. So to you it is important. It is the witness to your state of mind, the projection of your inward condition. As a man thinks, so shall he perceive. Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. Perception is a result, not a cause! May I wish you a week of clear vision and a clear mind my friend!
Who can understand a double concept, such as "weakened power" or "hateful love"? Power cannot oppose. For opposition would weaken it, and weakened power is a contradiction in ideas. Weak strength is meaningless, and power used to weaken is employed to limit. And therefore it must be limited and weak, because that is its purpose. Rejoice in your power my friend for it is limitless, accept nothing that will limit or detract from the wholeness that is you. You are powerful!
When you get to a place in the road where the fork is apparent you cannot continue as before. You must go either one way or the other. If you attempt to continue along the old path it will take you nowhere. The whole purpose of journeying this far was to make a decision about which branch you should follow and the pathway which brought you here is no longer important. Having reached this far you c
annot make the wrong decision, although you can delay. There is no part of your journey which seems to offer greater understanding of the futile than to stand where the road branches and not decide which way to go. Your intuition and understanding of your pathway has brought you here, does it not follow that it will guide you to take the right pathway? May I wish you a life filled with higher trust my friend.
It is the sharing of the evil dreams of hate and malice, sin and suffering, of pain and loss and bitterness and death that gives them reality. Unshared they can only be meaningless. The fear is gone from them, simply because you did not give them your support. Where there is no fear there can exist only love for there are only these two alternatives. Where there is only love, fear cannot exist. Where there is fear, love will struggle to take hold. Whichever you choose to share becomes all that you have. You have the one you choose to accept. This week I wish for you to share only love my friend.
Much as your ego would limit your perception of those around you to merely the physical so the Holy Spirit would show you the great rays of light shining forth from them. So unlimited that they reach to the heavens. It is this shift from blindness to vision that is the Holy Instant. Once you understand what this shift entails and what this understanding can bring, so you will become willing to se
e it as permanent. Once you can accept this as the true perception of the world we live in, it is converted into knowledge brought to you by the spirit that lives within, your spirit. By choosing to see the light within another you become open to the beautiful light that exists deep within yourself. May you, today and every day, illuminate the world with your own beautiful light my friend. You are beautiful!