Sunday, 31 March 2013

Frantic, loud and strong those without light appear and yet they neither know nor understand their enemy, uniting only in their hatred of something they do not know. If their unity were true then hatred would have no place in their heart for where love is, hatred hath no place and without unity there can be no strength. The army of the powerless would be set aside by the strength of unity. The strength of unity is bound only by the bands of love. May I wish you a week of love and of the joy of unity my friend.
Would you not see that your human misery comes only from the strange belief that you are powerless? Being helpless is the price to be paid to the ego, it's one demand is that you believe in it. Enormity has no appeal except to those who see themselves as small and only those who see themselves as insignificant and powerless see attraction there. No one believes the Universe is powerless so it must be that those who see themselves as powerless see not that they are part of the Universe and replace their oneness with fear and hatred. Fear feeds upon hatred and hatred feeds upon fear yet often the powerless have no understanding of what they hate, understanding only that they hate. Surely there can be no faith in the ego if you can understand that there is no enemy and it is but the ego which makes you powerless? The Universe is one, without compare it can neither be great nor small, only one. You are one with your brother, and with your brother's brother and in that oneness only love can exist. Where there is only love, fear, hatred and the ego have no place. For you my brother I feel only love, and this week may you feel only the oneness of the Universe to the core of your existence.
Atonement is there for us all as it is the easiest way to see past the belief that any experience in this life is for you alone as each experience is shared with your brother. To forgive another is to overlook their perceived transgression. Then look beyond that transgression and do not let it form part of your perception. You will only believe what you perceive as being real. Look only upon what your brother truly is and thereby you may truly come to know yourself. See what he is not and you cannot perceive what you are because you seem him falsely. Remember always that if your reality is based upon a shared experience then your perception of your brother creates your reality too. May I wish you a week of peace and true self love my friend.
We live our lives proclaiming our intentions to bring truth over illusion, reality over fantasy, but in so doing in our efforts to find that truth, have we not reverted from waking to dreaming and on and on into a deeper sleep? Has not each dream we have experienced led to make the darkness deeper. We started our journey in innocence but in that innocence we shared the greatest of truths, love, unencumbered by the fear of experience. No belief or doctrine had yet clouded that truth. There is love and there is fear, fear is the absence of love and as we had yet to experience an absence of love, we knew no fear. We came in search of knowledge, not fear and yet we spend our life using that knowledge to create fear and live the paradox we have striven to avoid. Our world is light and yet we apparently chose to seek darkness in the journey we make. Our true knowledge, our truth, is love, we came with that hard-wired in to our soul, make it our life mission to never lose sight of the truth we came with. I wish for you that 2013 be a year filled with a truthful love for the world we live in.
Look upon all the things that are made for you to hang upon your body, or to cover it or for your body to use. Look at all the useless things which we make for the eyes to observe. Think of all the many things made for the pleasure of the physical and understand that they are largely used to hide or make seem lovely only what you see as inadequate. Would you really use that which you see as inadequate to draw toward you those you love, or would like to understand an unspoken and as yet unexperienced love? Understand that you offer to the world a crown of thorns, not recognising you for what you really are and trying to justify your perception of your own worth by the acceptance of yourself by others. Value yourself not by what you would daily ask the world to believe is you, but by what you would come to know if you would but see past that illusion and see the miracle which is you. Remember my friend, you are beautiful. I wish for you, this week and every week, that you can see that miracle for yourself.