Sunday, 6 July 2014

The attraction we find in guilt brings us a fear of love, for love would never recognise guilt at all. It is the very nature of love to look only upon truth for in that it sees only a reflection of itself with which it would unite in Universal completeness. As love can only see past fear it surely will overlook guilt, conversely it must therefore follow that fear cannot see love at all. Love is the end of guilt with the same surety as fear must depend upon it. Unable to see fear, love can perceive of no attack. Your perception cannot obey two masters, what fear would feed upon, love overlooks. What fear would demand, love cannot even see so the fierce demands of fear and guilt love cannot see. Relationships in our lives are the result of how we see our world and how we see the world in which we live depends on which messengers we send forth, those of fear, or those of love. See only love within the Universe, recognise neither guilt nor fear. See only love in your world and neither guilt nor fear can find their place. See only love within you and live within the beauty that is you and fear is banished for all time bringing you only love. May I wish for you today my friend, and every day, nothing but love in your heart.