Wednesday, 20 November 2013

How wonderful it is to live your life according to your will, for that is freedom. There is nothing else that ever should be called by freedom’s name. Unless you live by your will you cannot be free. Would you leave your child without that which he would choose for himself? The Universe ensures that you will never lose your will when it gives of the perfect answer. Listen to the quiet word of the Universe that you may be reminded of the combined love of the Universe as you learn your will. Confinement and restriction can never be imposed to make you something that you do not want, for the Universe and all that enjoin in the love of you will join in willing you to be free. To oppose that freedom is to make a choice against yourself. May I wish for you this weekend clarity of vision that you may see your own pathway to real freedom.
The Universe, as part of you, inhabits not your body. And yet it is within you. So it must follow that you also are not within your body, for what is within you cannot be outside. It must also be true that you cannot be apart from what is at the very centre of your life and what gives life to you cannot be housed in death, as no more can you. The Universe within you has as its only purpose that it be made manifest to those who have no understanding of it, of themselves and of all life and its connections. That each may become both the teacher and the taught, as each soul’s journey takes them full circle back to the point of their origin when they can look upon themselves and their life and say “Now I understand!” Then will their bodies melt away and will they see their own specialness within the Universe and all that it and they are. I wish for you to find and enjoy the miracle of the love that the Universe has for you today and every day my friend.
It follows that there can be no “unnatural” powers within any soul and it can only be an appeal to the ego to make up a power that does not exist. It is equally obvious, however that each individual has an infinite number of powers of which he is unaware. As his awareness of the miracle of his life increases, it is entirely likely that he will become aware of powers that hitherto may have seemed startling to him. Nothing that can be done would compare in any small way to the wonderful surprise of remembering exactly who you are. With the realisation that all your efforts have been directed towards this one great final surprise and that your impatience has been directed to all the small surprises you encountered along your pathway that have delayed you. May I wish you a weekend of true miracles my friend.
This very instant is the only time that there can be. We all too often conceive of time in such a way that we defeat this aim. To reach past time and into timelessness we need to change our very perception of what time is for. It cannot be that time is intended to keep the past and the future as one. The only instant in which time can exist is now, without a past or a future. In this instant the Universe can restore our world to timelessness and to Love and Love is ever present, here and now. May I wish for you Love in your life my friend, that you may feel it and know it.
To empathise with another soul does not mean you should join in the suffering; that is what you must refuse to understand! To join in the suffering is merely the ego's interpretation of empathy which it uses to further the sense of dependence upon that which cannot be real. The capacity to truly empathise is borne from the love of the Universe and is best allowed to be used in the ways of the love of the Universe as it dictates. The Universe does not understand suffering and would not have you teach that understanding. The Universe does not relate through your ego to another ego, it does not join in pain. It asks instead that you understand that to heal pain cannot be accomplished by a foolish attempt to enter the pain and thereby lighten it by sharing the delusion. Make no mistake, the ego always empathises to weaken and by weakening is to attack. If you sit quietly by and let the Universe relate through you, you will empathise. I wish for you a lifetime of peace and true understanding my friend.
We spend our lives writing our illusions as truth, bringing a perverse reality to what is but fantasy, we have walked mainly the way of dreams. We were born “awake” and have progressed relentlessly to sleep and then on into yet deeper sleep. Each dreamed experience has led us further into other dreams and every fantasy that seemed to offer us hope by bringing light where once was darkness, has brought us into yet deeper darkness. Your goal became a darkness where not the faintest glimmer of light could manifest; a darkness where you could elude your truth forever. What has been forgotten is that the Universe is energy, it is love, it is light and the Universe cannot destroy itself. That light is in you! You can cover it in darkness but you cannot extinguish it. Your goal is to move from darkness to light, from fear to love. You signed up for this; you signified your willingness to make that transition your goal and yet when light has presented itself you shrink towards the darkness. Let us this week join in an instant of pure love, of the light of the Universe, and see the light that is you. May this week, for you, be one of recognition and of light… your light my friend.
You are part of the Universe and the Universe is you. If you reach deep enough into your memory you are profoundly aware that when you ask for your need, your call is always answered. You are not asked to take this as some unsupported faith; you know this to be true! Whenever you have found yourself standing on the precipice, when your mind is most focused upon your very survival, you cry out for help in the sure and certain knowledge that your cry will be answered. In this moment of panic the stillness of the Universe brings you all, it has since your time began. In those moments your very soul stretches beyond the veil we refer to as our mortal life for help. Help, so freely given, lifts us and carries us over that which impedes our progress to a point where we can forget once more that which brought us there. This connective energy is real and yet time after time we choose to ignore it, confident of our own power to guide our lives. Can you not see just how powerful you are when you connect to the Universe and yet, how powerless you become when you choose to ignore the Universe once more? This weekend my friend, I hope and trust that you will find your way to connect to that which is your true inheritance and use it wisely.