Wednesday, 28 March 2012

In a state of forgiveness will you find peace. Forgiveness requires that you quietly do nothing. It doesn't try and twist your reality to conform to some preconceived condition, it merely accepts, waits and judges not. To live with no ability to forgive leaves only to judge and must therefore justify your failure to forgive. He who would forgive himself has learned to welcome truth exactly as it is. May your day be one of self forgiveness my friend
Anger always involves a projection of your own weakness. Anger cannot occur unless you believe you have been attacked and so your retaliation with anger is therefore justified and you therefore see yourself as without blame for your anger. This is as irrational a premise as the one which will inevitably follow that your brother is somehow worthy of your attack and anger rather than love. If you start with an unsound premise an unsound conclusion is the only outcome. In truth you cannot be attacked unless you believe you are worthy of that anger. Ultimately you are responsible for what you believe. May your day today be one of self belief my friend.

Forgive the length of this article but I hope you have time to read it to the end.

Another chapter has closed in the never ending story of a tragedy. I can tell you what the chapter was but the tragedy is one that most are fortunately unable to comprehend. The chapter ended with the sad demise of PC David Rathband, (one of the victims of Roald Moat in his post prison release rampage) at his own hand. Those who knew David (and I was not fortunate enough to be in that number) will be wringing their hands about what they could have done to have prevented this ending of his chapter. But the problem runs far beyond their understanding of his “Problem”. There will be many now who will condemn him for his “Selfish” actions in taking his own life through the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but it is often they who may have had within their grasp the opportunity to have prevented it. The signs were there in David’s case as he separated himself from those who loved him and then in his published Twitter posts with his brother and in interviews with respected journalists.
The tragedy’s prevention, and thousands more like it, rest in the hands of us, you and me, society and it’s ridiculous phobia of any illness which involves the mind. If someone presents themselves with a badly broken arm we will all rush to our phones to call for help, and so we should. But if someone presents themselves with a badly broken mind, few will understand what is happening and fewer will offer help other than telling them to pull themselves together. There is a bigger history of people dying from mental illness than there is of a broken arm and yet we offer far more assistance to the latter. In this latest chapter the threads go back so far and yet are all related and lead to this perhaps inevitable conclusion. Roald Moat told his doctors and his imprisoners not to release him as he was likely to kill and yet he was released and self fulfilled his own prophecy. I do not excuse his actions but who would rationally excuse those who had the opportunity to help him and so prevent what followed and will yet follow still? Those who he has left behind will be riddled with their own guilt and it will affect them throughout their own lives and we hope in not the same fashion as David, but who could ignore the possibility?
A solitary figure in the coffee shop taking perhaps a little longer over their coffee; a solitary figure on a bridge over a river, railway or road; an old man sat on a park bench; a successful high flying business man always on the go, putting together million pound deals; the party goer always the life and soul of ever party that they can get to. These are all people who could be at a point in their lives where a hand on their shoulder or even a smile of friendship would be enough to break the endless cycle of mental health issues which continue unabated in our society daily. Maybe not as high profile as Roald Moat and now David Rathband but the same tragedy is being played out daily in your community, in your family or just on the train to work every morning. We as a society owe it to ourselves to do our bit to break this endless cycle of tragedy. I am not talking about forcing help upon an unwilling recipient, merely taking time to sit and say “It looks like you are struggling, how can I help you?”. You have a heart and an intellect, use both; the intellect to see and read the signs, the heart to offer your love to a soul who will be feeling unloved or unlovable. Let the doctors deal with the medicine, we all have the ability to reverse the tragedy of any impending disaster if we chose to.
Put your hand on your heart and feel it’s beat, it is there, we none of us do enough with it, let’s make a change.....

The thought that for everything you give in this world you will always get something in return, something that is not within you, loses you your true awareness of the universe and more importantly of your own identity. You are aware of this inconsistency and yet you blame your body and your earthly existence for this oversight. You displace your guilt for this lack of foresight from your spirit to your to your body and your earthly existence. Your body does nothing that is not instructed and nothing in your material world happens that your spirit has not granted permission. Deferring guilt does not deal with it, accepting your role in your own circumstances will atone and allow your progress. May your day be filled with progress my friend

Your anger arises only from judgement of another. Judgement is an instrument of your own fear. To judge another is to give in to your fear and therefore live without love, for the two conditions cannot co-exist in your life at the same time. To live in fear denies you your true heritage of a life in peace and therefore living in a state of love. Let go of your anger and therefore fear's toxic grip, deny fear it's purchase upon your life and live only in love, in this way you will find your peace. Have a peaceful day my friend.

Sometimes, By Holding On Too Tight, You End Up Losing What You Were Trying So Hard To Save.
Soap, For Example.

To acknowledge that another has injured you in some way and yet forgive them is a paradox that normal reason cannot reconcile. By offering forgiveness you are maintaining that your brother's transgression deserves no forgiveness. By forgiving you grant your brother mercy and yet in doing so maintain the proof that they are not innocent and therefore accused. Whoever truly forgives is truly healed and in that healing lies the proof that he has truly pardoned without trace of condemnation of anything or any one. May I wish you a day filled with true healing my friend.

What waits for us in certainty beyond the veil is not your concern. We have barely started our journey towards our eventual return to the spirit world. Our lives in this world are our only concern and should occupy all of our attention. It is when we fight our purpose that life seems to endlessly kick us in the face. Accept your purpose and life becomes serene and simple once more. May your day be serene and simple my friend!

The means to meet and understand your lesson in this life comes from the same source as does the lesson itself. The Universe provides you with both the lesson and the need. Any perceived inconsistency in those two facts comes not from the Universe but from within you. Give in to the Universe and trust that all is well for you and peace will be yours. Have a peaceful day my friend.

The universe and the state for which you aim is total forgiveness. Your goal is not to live with fear but to escape from guilt and to recognise that all things must first be forgiven and then understood. May your day be without fear my friend.

If you are willing to recognise your problems, you will see that they have no power over you. Your one central problem has already been answered. The answer to finding your peace is in recognising this one problem and understanding that it has already been solved. From that moment peace is yours and you are free from all conflict. Have a peaceful day my friend.

An Australian nurse who worked in palliative care recorded the top things that dying patients regretted in their lives during their final months.

5. I wish that I had let myself be happier.

"This is a surprisingly common one. Many did not realise until the end that happiness is a choice. They had stayed stuck in old patterns and habits. The so-called 'comfort' of familiarity overflowed into their emotions, as well as their physical lives. Fear of change had them pretending to others, and to their selves, that they were content, when deep within, they longed to laugh properly and have silliness in their life again."

Live with no regrets my friend.

You impose limits on your true nature of infinite being. Then you get displeased to be only a limited creature. Then you begin spiritual practices to transcend these non-existing limits. But if your practice itself implies the existence of these limits, how could they allow you to transcend them.

I've noticed that when something "bad" happens to someone we like, we call it "unfortunate." But when it happens to someone we don't like, we call it "karma."

Your aim should be to unlearn the belief that you are constantly under attack. You make some attempts at kindness and forgiveness and yet often is it withdrawn and turned to attack if not returned by lavish thanks and external gratitude. Thus you perceive those gifts bestowed upon you as loans at best or an illusion to cheat you of your defence at worst. Deny your strength and weakness must become salvation to you.

‎"You know you are in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."
Dr Seuss

True happiness is caused by nothing. True happiness is causeless. Has it ever occurred to you that if something causes your happiness, you will become possessive of that thing. You will become anxious, lest you lose it. If you ask the mystic why he or she is happy, the answer will be, ‘why not?’

We have become accustomed to the notion that we understand all that angers, saddens or gladdens our daily lives. This is but an illusion we create to mask the guilt we feel when we realise that our lives are anything but under our control. Rather than face our own shortcomings and insecurities we prefer instead to create and illusion and live that illusion, happy to deceive ourselves over our own fallibility. It is time to awaken from our slumber and clear the fog of illusion we have created for ourselves. Have a good day my friend.

Why would you not see it as a release from your current difficulties to know that your pathway will take you on a sure and certain path to peace of mind? Until you accept that you will lose nothing of importance to your journey when you let go and run with the wind, will you realise that you still have what was always important to you.

Gratitude is hard to understand and reconcile with our conscience. We are grateful that our lives are in some way blessed and yet we gauge that blessing by its very nature on the lack of blessing on others. Thus we are grateful for the suffering of another? Our gratitude should not be for what we have but to who gave it to us. Have a peaceful day my friend.

How willing are you to forgive those who would do you an injustice? How much do you desire peace instead of conflict? Forgiveness is the only route to peace. Forgive COMPLETELY and absolutely your transgressor and peace will be yours. Have a peaceful day my friend!

If you condemn another and judge them as unworthy of love and therefore worthy of punishment, you see yourself as separate from them. The illusion you hide behind is that you are separate from all others, when the truth is that all are connected and therefore one. Attack, condemn or punish another and you punish yourself. May your day be free from all thoughts of condemnation my friend.

Remember that you are not where you are by accident; chance plays no part in your life plan. Plan well my friend and learn what is there to be learnt in every situation.

No one attacks without an intent to cause hurt. When you attack in self defence you satisfy yourself of your safety because of your own cruelty and so you convince yourself that to hurt another brings us our own freedom. How easily and readily we deceive ourselves. May your day be truly filled with peace my friend.

Ask not for others to forgive your actions, but start by forgiving those who you see as having transgressed your own rules or wronged you. When you point a finger of accusation at another, remember, there are three more fingers in your own hand which point back towards you. When we can truly forgive, therein we will find our peace. Have a good day my friend.

Look around you and see a world full of miracles, then look inside and witness your very own miracle. The miracle of your life! Know that you have ultimate control over every thing that happens to you and therefore the ultimate ability to change it. If you would have your life be different, don't sit back and grumble or complain, stand up and take control and make today count. Have a good day my friend!

Your brother may transgress your own code of conduct, your standards, your vision of behaviour. Remember their own pathway or journey through life is critical to their own learning and this will provide their own standards and vision and the two are connected. It is your mutual journey to find acceptance and your own peace. Have a peaceful day my friend.

The energy of the universe is love and yet you show great anger at the circumstances you find yourself in day by day, hour by hour. If you attack love it will forever elude you, love is for sharing, the easiest way to find love is through love. Show love and love will find you for it is drawn to itself. Accept the universe, your universe, and you accept yourself. In this way, you love yourself and love will be drawn into your world. Allow love, the energy of the universe into your life today and start with yourself. Have a love filled day my friend.

You can only be healed when you yourself are healed. Once healed, the healing will go forth because that is it's nature. Healing takes place the moment it is offered and accepted. You cannot ask someone to get healing, but you can accept it for yourself and pass it to them. You cannot bestow upon a soul what you do not have yourself to give. May your day be full of love and light. Have a good day my friend!

Cast your mind back, cast your mind back to the start of a new relationship when the feeling of love is at it's most intense. When that feeling won't let you think of anything else, when you can't sleep, you don't eat and your heart chakra is working in overdrive. That is the minutest part of one per cent of the love that, individually, you are capable of. That is an awesome amount of energy! Use it well my friend! Have a good day.

Just because you love someone doesn't mean you have to be involved with them. Love is not a bandage to cover wounds.

Appearances deceive, but can be changed. Reality is changeless. Make it real today my friend. Have a good day!

Whether or not you are religious is determined not by who or what you believe in, but by the way you live your life. Have a good day my friend!

A message for 2012: ‘Thought is responsible for most of the suffering that we experience – and yet we can control our thoughts… – can’t we?’

It's the New Year and perhaps a time to reflect and evaluate where you are and where you are going. Do you spend too much time living in or looking at the past? Your business, your job, your car; do they bring the same value to your life today as they did yesterday. Do you maintain contact with people you no longer have anything in common with because of tradition or guilt. It's a new dawn on a new year, make it good!