Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Be not content with littleness! Be sure also that you understand what littleness is and why your contentment cannot lie with it. By offering unto yourself littleness in your life you exclude greatness and yet you accept it. We live in a world made of littleness because we thrive in the misconception that it is good and can bring us contentment in place of greatness. In this misconception we strive for further littleness in the belief that therein lies the source of our peace, and in that belittlement blinding ourselves to the greatness which is you. Littleness or greatness, the choice is yours to make, you can only choose one at the expense of the other. What you should truly understand is that each time you choose, your choice is your evaluation of yourself. Choose littleness and peace can only elude you, for you will have judged yourself as unworthy of it. Remember always this, every decision you make stems from the way you perceive of yourself. There can be no doubt what your true function is or that you know it, for the Universe knows it to be true and you are the Universe. Your function is not little, nor can it be, it is only by finding your greatness, accepting that as your true function and embracing it as a true reflection of your worth that you can find your peace. May I wish you a weekend of true self discovery my friend. Discovery that you are truly great!