Thursday, 27 September 2012

Why would you not perceive it as release from your suffering to learn that you are free? To acclaim the truth, your truth, instead of looking upon it as the enemy? Why would you see a path that is so easy, so clearly marked that it is impossible to lose your direction, as thorny, boulder strewn and far too difficult to follow? Until you can realise you give up nothing where there is love, until yo
u realise where there is love there is no loss, you will always have regrets about the pathway you have chosen. You will not see the many gains your chosen pathway has offered to you. Even though you have allowed yourself to become blind to them, they are there. In your choice you have effected their cause. If their cause has been effected then they must be present. Open your eyes and particularly your heart to the miracles your chosen pathway will bring you. May your day be one full of miracles my friend.
Your perception selects and creates the world you choose to see. What you seek, you are far more likely to find than that which you would prefer to overlook. The quiet, still word of spirit within is not completely drowned out by the raucous screams and senseless ravings of the ego for those who would choose to hear it. Perception is your choice it is not fact. What you choose to hear and the sigh
ts you choose to see define entirely what or who you are. Perception is a witness to the ego's desire to show you these things, but never reality, and yet it can show you the conditions in which your awareness of reality is possible. Reality needs no cooperation from you to be itself. But your awareness of it needs your help, because it is your choice. Today my friend, let me walk with you as we each try to understand our reality and hear the gentle voice within.
The opposite of illusion cannot be disillusionment for it is truth. Only the ego, for which truth means nothing, sees these as real alternatives and different. But in truth they are the same and bring misery in equal parts whilst at the same time seeming to offer relief from the other. An illusion brings only pain and suffering hidden in the darkness of the cloaks that conceal its nothingness. Yet these cloaks of darkness hide those who seek illusion and keep them hidden from the joy of truth. Truth is the opposite of illusion because it offers you joy. What else but joy could be the opposite of misery? May I wish you a weekend filled with truth and joy my friend!
Without cause there can be no effect and yet surely without effects there can be no cause. Without the father there can be no son, this is the way of things and yet without the son there can be no fatherhood. That which you have looked at and regarded in a fixed way is but a part of an eternal circle, without cause nor effect. In every circle traveled there is no beginning nor end and whether you
 travel forward or backwards the journey will take you back to the only sure point, and that is where you stand. How you got there is a matter of perspective. If you ask the opinion of another, their understanding of the circumstances may well be different to yours and requires acceptance without judgement to see the complete picture. May I wish you a day without judgement and filled with total acceptance my friend.
In quietness all things are answered and every problem is quietly resolved. In conflict there can be no answer nor resolution, for the purpose of conflict is to make no resolution possible. What would be the right answer for you may not be the right answer for your brother. We expect there to always be an answer but with so many souls, each on their own path, it must be clear that we can answer no
thing at all. But if the source, spirit, God gave you the problem, there must be a solution! But in your state of mind, constrained by the limits of time and dimension, solution is impossible. So it follows there must be a way to reach another state of mind in which the answer is already formed. Such is the Holy Instant and it is here that all your problems should be brought, and left. Here is where they belong, as their answer is already there. Where the answer can be found, then all problems are easily resolved. It is pointless to try and solve a problem where there can be no answer. Find true peace, go within, find The Holy Instant and in that moment, removed from the constraints of time and conflict you will find your true answer. God bless you my friend and may peace be with you.