Sunday, 31 March 2013

We live our lives proclaiming our intentions to bring truth over illusion, reality over fantasy, but in so doing in our efforts to find that truth, have we not reverted from waking to dreaming and on and on into a deeper sleep? Has not each dream we have experienced led to make the darkness deeper. We started our journey in innocence but in that innocence we shared the greatest of truths, love, unencumbered by the fear of experience. No belief or doctrine had yet clouded that truth. There is love and there is fear, fear is the absence of love and as we had yet to experience an absence of love, we knew no fear. We came in search of knowledge, not fear and yet we spend our life using that knowledge to create fear and live the paradox we have striven to avoid. Our world is light and yet we apparently chose to seek darkness in the journey we make. Our true knowledge, our truth, is love, we came with that hard-wired in to our soul, make it our life mission to never lose sight of the truth we came with. I wish for you that 2013 be a year filled with a truthful love for the world we live in.

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