Wednesday, 28 December 2016

You have much power

You have much power and many powers, gifted to you by the Universe. Think on that point a little before you read on. There are of course no 'unnatural powers', for any power ultimately comes from the Universe. It must be equally obvious that any which are 'unnatural' are not real and therefore must be made up to pander to the ego and its insecurities. There are many powers of which the individual has as yet been unaware, but the unawareness does not make them unreal. As the individual grows they will become more aware of some powers that may seem quite startling at first. Yet nothing that can be done or learned or realised that can compare, even in the slightest, to the glorious moment when you remember just who you really are. May all your efforts be directed to that one great realisation. The realisation that you are truly of the Universe and the Universe is truly of you. That which is gifted by the Universe can therefore be no other than a gift by you, and when that realisation enlightens your life and your mind, just how powerful you really are, it is then you awaken to your true purpose. May your journey be forever fruitful my friend.

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