Wednesday, 4 January 2017

As your peace extends ever outwards

As your peace extends ever outwards and embraces all upon whom it might alight, it will likely encounter many obstacles upon its journey. Some you will attempt to impose upon it, forever intent to impose upon the Universe your own imperfect vision. Other obstacles will seem to manifest from elsewhere; from your brother, your sister, all intent on imposing their own imperfections upon that which is already perfect. The peace and love of the Universe, as it emanates from deep within you will remain completely unencumbered by such attempts to force a conscious will upon that which is perfect. That extension from within has but one purpose, to surround all with a glowing happiness and a calm awareness of the complete protection that is there for all to enjoy. Where healing awaits the weary soul, to be given as it was given to you. All of this is your destiny, yet the peace within you must first expand and flow over all obstacles you have placed before it. Resist change, impose your will, time will wait for your readiness. When that moment comes, and you are truly ready, peace and love will truly be yours. I wish for you nothing but peace and love my friend.

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